Climate compatible development

Research on integrating community-based participatory carbon measurement and monitoring with satellite remote sensing and GIS in a measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) system for REDD+

The goal of this project is to research, develop and test methods to integrate community-based participatory carbon measurement and monitoring of above-ground biotic carbon. The project will test the approach with local communities in project sites in Lao PDR, Vietnam and Thailand.


Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the deltas of the Mekong Region

The potential impacts of climate change on low-lying delta areas in the Mekong Region are high. Floods, drought, storms and threats to water supplies represent a significant set of risk management challenges.


Vulnerability assessment of livelihoods in Lower Mekong Basin: Adaptation options for enhancing capacity of people living in the most vulnerable flood-prone areas in Cambodia and Vietnam

Millions of people living in the Lower Mekong Basin, especially people living in the flood-prone areas between Cambodia and Vietnam, are among the poorest and most vulnerable to flood because more serious flood and low resilience capacity in coping with floods.


SUMERNET outreach to local communities about climate change adaptation in Samut Sakon province proves beneficial

During the current monsoon season and heavy rainfall, the SUMERNET research partners undertook field-level outreach activities on climate change and adaptation techniques in Samut Sakon province in Thailand.


SUMERNET partners contribute valuable insights and experiences on disaster risk management

Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) together with its partners in the region held its Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Learning and Innovation Hub in Asia in Bangkok, 19–21 June 2013. The theme was “Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management into Climate Compatible Development”. The event was attended by representatives of CDKN-supported projects in Asia. This event was an opportunity to consider what has been learnt, what is working and what is ready for scaling up on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Compatible Development.