Phase 3 (2014-2017)

Adapting to multiple and uncertain changes in the Mekong Region: Strategies for today and a +4C world

The development of the Mekong Region, and in particular its water and land resources, will occur in the context of multiple, profound and uncertain changes. SUMERNET is initiating a “regional assessment” to interpret the multiple potential changes in the context of sustainable development of the Mekong Region.

Launch of the new SUMERNET website

It’s here! Welcome to the launch of the new SUMERNET website!

We are delighted to share with you our newly redesigned website, with a streamlined new look and enhanced user-friendly experience. We invite you to start exploring. 

After almost a full year in development, we have made the menus easier to understand and provide you quick access to news, publications, projects, and other information that you’re looking for. 

‘Useful’ Research and Policy Development: Social Forestry in ASEAN

The objective of the 6th CSO Forum on Social Forestry was to continue being the platform to discuss, distil, consolidate, and elevate messages and learnings of CSOs and smallholders on Social Forestry, Climate Change and related topics and develop concrete recommendations to be endorsed to the ASEAN Working Group on Social Forestry. Dr Nguon was invited as a speaker for the session on “Sharing on Lessons and Experience on how to Engage Regional Actors and Institutions”. This capacity building session aimed to draw experiences, lessons, and opportunities in engaging regional actors and institutions in securing forest rights and livelihoods. Using experiences from the SUMERNET supported research, Dr. Nguon outlined the detail of stakeholder engagement processes, its challenges and suggestions.

SUMERNET at the SEI Science Forum 2017, 30 May to 1 June

SEI Science Forum 2017 will be organized by SEI Asia from 30 May to 2 June in Bangkok. Prominent policy-makers, scientists and researchers, from across the Asia-Pacific region, are expected to attend to share ideas and perspectives, build partnerships and propose solutions to many of the urgent environmental challenges we face in Asia today. SUMERNET partners will be involved in a panel on "Enhancing Research and Policy through a Partnership Approach" on 31st May.

SUMERNET policy forum to be held in Phnom Penh on 30 March 2017

SUMERNET Policy Forum: Opportunities for regional research and partnership approach in supporting the implementation of water security related Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030" will be held on 30 March in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The policy forum is part of the Annual Meeting of SUMERNET during 28-30 March 2017. The one-day policy forum will bring together regional policy-makers, think tanks, academics and civil society. A number of policy planners from the host country Cambodia are expected to attend.

SUMERNET panel on "Robust Decision Support" for policymaking on water at the 2016 Greater Mekong Forum in Bangkok

SUMERNET partners will be organizing a panel on the Robust Decision Support (RDS) tool for policy decision-making on water issues at the 2016 Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy in Bangkok during 9-11 November. The panel (session no. 18) will be held on Thursday 10th November from 1.30-3.00 pm at Room No. 3, Patcharawadee 1 at Prince Hotel, Bangkok.

Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, appointed as the Permanent Secretary of MONRE, Thailand

Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, a long-time friend and supporter of SEI and SUMERNET, has been appointed today as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Thailand.

Mekong countries seek clean energy pathways for sustainability

The governments in the Mekong Region need to urgently embark on clean energy pathways if they want to achieve environmental sustainability. The critical issue of how the Mekong Region can embark on changes to energy systems and lifestyles was discussed by participants at a forum organised by SEI and SUMERNET at the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum (CAECF) 2016 held in Nanning, China on 10 September 2016.

Gender and social equity workshop, 25 August

The workshop on gender and social equity to be held on 24 August in Bangkok will help SUMERNET partners develop a new gender and social equity research agenda for future SUMERNET projects.

Communicating for Influence: Policy and Media Writeshop, 24-25 August 2016

Communicating for Influence: Policy and Media Writeshop during 24-25 August 2016 will bring together SUMERNET and other researchers, policymakers and media to help researchers improve their writing and outreach skills to have influence and impact outside the academic world.