SUMERNET week: 29 November to 3 December 2010


As part of SUMERNET’s objective to help build a robust regional knowledge-based research network and policy engagement platform, SUMERNET Secretariat is organizing a SUMERNET Week event from 29 November to 3 December. The event will bring together research partners, SUMERNET Advisory Group (SAG), policy think tanks and key knowledge users to share their knowledge and experience to catalyze discourses on key strategic sustainable development issues in the Mekong Region.

Besides the core SUMERNET activities, the event will also provide opportunity to engage in various other activities including an opportunity to interact with SEI’s Board members , SUMERNET Advisory Group (SAG) and high-profile policy think tanks and attend Chulalongkorn-SEI Seminar. 

Key highlights of Sumernet Week




29th November

SUMERNET Research Grantees workshop

Whole Day: The successful research grantees from the 1st call of SUMERNET research will meet up to share their research projects with their respective mentors and SUMERNET Secretariat members. They will work individually to revise and refine their research plans as necessary.

30th November

Research Partners Meeting – Day 1

Morning Session: There will be the research partners’ meeting. SUMERNET research partners will discuss policy process analysis in the context of emerging issues in the region. This is expected to enhance the knowledge of research partners to design projects that are better linked with the policy process and have greater policy impacts.

Afternoon Session: Research grantees will present their proposals to the wider research partners. Discussion on methods and M&E.

1st December

SUMERNET Policy Forum and SAG Meeting

Morning Session: SAG Meeting

Morning: Research Proposal Teams revise their plans in response to the comments received from other research partners

Afternoon Session: Policy Forum. SUMERNET Policy forum will engage main development thinkers and institutions on an independent discourse on key sustainable development issues in the Mekong Region. The Policy Forum will build on SUMERNET 1 debates and discussions and enhance the visibility of the discourse, thereby enhancing SUMERNET’s role to create a strategic regional think tank.

Reception Drinks

2nd December

Research Partners Meeting – Day 2

SEI Board Meeting (Day 1)

Whole Day: Research partners’ discussion of new research themes and January 2011 research call

Whole Day: SEI Board Meeting

Dinner for Everyone

3rd December

SEI Board Meeting (Day 2)

Chula-SEI Seminar

Students Day

Morning: Joint Chula-SEI seminar – this is not directly SUMERNET but research partners are encouraged to attend this event

Afternoon: SEI Board Meeting (Half day)

Afternoon: Chula Student day