SUMERNET releases a CD of short films on bridging research and policy

SUMERNET has brought out a CD of two short films documenting reflections of the researchers on bridging policy and research.

The first film, titled ‘Research for policy engagement’, is filmed at the Mekong Environmental Symposium (MES) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 4-7 March 2013. In this, researchers shared their experience in doing research for policy engagement in the Mekong Region, and answered questions such as their involvement in policy engagement after studying it in their designated country. Climate change education was stressed; from teaching the local community level of its significance, to communicating with national authorities on policies, adaptation, and mitigation possibilities. Other issues mentioned included contract farming, urbanization, and tourism. 

The second film, named ‘Communicating for influence’, was taken at the SUMERNET Research Uptake Workshop, Bangkok, 22-23 November 2012. Here, researchers were treated to a workshop on writing products intended for various audiences: journals for academics; policy briefings for policy makers; and press releases for the media. The goal of the workshop was to improve the capacity of the researchers in regards to drafting different styles of articles suited for a specific readership. Overall, researchers saw the importance in being able to not just contribute to the academic world, but also to use their findings to impact outside of the scholastic milieu.