Research proposal development workshop of SUMERNET-CDKN

SUMERNET’s latest research development workshop in partnership with CDKN was held in Bangkok from 23-24 June at the Secretariat office, the Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia Center (SEI Asia).

New research grant recipients familiarized themselves with the SUMERNET programme and CDKN as well as existing members of the research network. They were also introduced to specific strategies for developing comprehensive research grant proposals that emphasize policy impacts and critical contributions to the greater knowledge base. Feedback on their specific programmes was given by their peers, CDKN, SUMERNET’s Research Advisors and Component Coordinators.

The new research teams are each comprised of multi-disciplinary backgrounds from at least two Southeast Asian countries. The themes they are addressing include: (i) Energy, urbanization & climate compatible development and (ii) Food security & the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. 

Researchers are now charged with revising and detailing their proposals for submission to the Secretariat by 10 July 2011 for further review. It is anticipated that all projects will be finalized and approved by the first week of August 2011.

The SUMERNET Secretariat would like to express its sincere thanks to Dr. Louis Lebel, and Associate Professor Dr Patma Vityakon for their invaluable contributions during the workshop, as well as to all researchers for their active participation. Special thanks to CDKN, and Ms. Kashmala Shahab Kakakhel specifically, for its sponsorship of this workshop and future SUMERNET research activities.