Policy briefings from SUMERNET Phase 3 now out

This policy booklet provides policy recommendations on key sustainable development issues in the Mekong Region that were explored by the collaborative research projects of SUMERNET in phase 3 (2014-2017).

The collaborative research projects addressed various sustainable development issues under three themes: Climate compatible development; Ecosystem services for local development; and, Sustainable regional economic integration. In addition, five case studies under a Regional Assessment (RA) study on water scarcity were also implemented by SUMERNET partners in five Lower Mekong countries. 

The SUMERNET policy briefings compiled in this booklet are the fruit of this collaborative research work and engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders by the SUMERNET partners. The briefings are written by our research partners focusing on the policy relevancy of their research projects and based on the engagement of the project teams with local and national policymakers. 

The booklet can be downloaded using the link below. Limited number of hard copies are also available on request.