An inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from tourism related activities in Hue City, Vietnam

This report is made to briefly introduce some general information of Hue City and to provide an inventory of GHG emissions of Hue’s tourism related activities in 2011. To the latter end, fifty entities of different scales, which are engaged in tourism, have been selected for the data collection with structured questionnaires and face – to – face interviews.

The multi-site inventory approach shows that among four sub-sectors of Hue tourism, the ‘transport of tourists’ accounts for the largest share in terms of GHG emission (367,686.4 tons of CO2 equivalent). For the site inventory which regards the whole tourism sector as a single site, the final data analysis reveals that of Hue tourism’s activities, the ‘travel’, particularly ‘travel by all tourists to Hue’, is the largest contribution (373,303 tons CO2 equivalent) to the total GHG emission.

The report also attempts to give some explanations for such analysis outcomes and propose, on the basis of these findings, a couple of low carbon emission options while creating more decent jobs for the local population. These initial mitigation options include the restoration and promotion of previous tours by means of cyclos and bikes, R&D of urban green tourism, reduction of home to work travel by employees, source separation of solid waste by hands in hotels and restaurants, promotion of the well-known vegetarian diet of Hue, diversification and of locally-made products in the short term and development of OVOP movement in the long term.