Francesca Franzetti

I am an enthusiastic, recent graduate in Development, Environment and Cooperation with a specialisation in Environmental Economics and Policy. I previously interned at the Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia Centre in Bangkok, contributing to a Regional Assessment led by SEI under the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) on water scarcity issues arising from seasonal drought, inter-annual climate variability and climate change. I conducted research activities as a member of the water resources research cluster while working on my master’s thesis,which focused on drought management strategies and institutional mechanisms in Thailand. I've also marginally been involved in Livestock Manure Management Component project funded by the Clean and Climate Air Coalition (CCAC) in partnership with the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock. I am passionate about climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, environmental governance and multilevel natural resources management, in addition to gender and poverty eradication issues in developing countries. I hold an extensive experience in dealing with international and multicultural environments, having lived in Thailand, Norway, Ireland and Bangladesh, I am committed to building strong and durable relationships with diverse stakeholders and I am an effective team worker.