Fiona Miller

Fiona Miller conducts research on the social and equity dimensions of environmental change in the Asia Pacific, notably Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as Australia. She has applied and theoretically-informed knowledge of society-environment relations, specialising in social vulnerability, society-water relations, resilience, adaptation and social impact assessment.

Fiona currently teaches human geography in the Department of Geography and Planning, teaching into the social impact assessmentand Development Studies and Culture Change programs.

Prior to joining Macquarie University Fiona was a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Resource Management and Geography at The University of Melbourne. During her time at the University of Melbourne (2007-2012) she pursued research on the connections between vulnerability assessment and adaptation in the health and water sectors in Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as research in Melbourne on social dimensions of water planning and social vulnerability to extreme heat. Fiona was also a Research Fellow in the Risk, Livelihoods and Vulnerability Programme of the Stockholm Environment Institute (Stockholm). During her time at SEI (2004-2007) she was Programme Manager for the Sida-funded programme "Sustainable Recovery and Resilience Building in the Tsunami-Affected Region", led a number of projects within the Sida-funded "Poverty and Vulnerability Programme", and was initially involved in the establishment of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Fiona previously worked as a lecturer in Human Geography at Macquarie University after completing her PhD and has had a long association with the Australian Mekong Resource Centre, the University of Sydney as a researcher and administrator. Fiona has a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Sydney for her research on the political ecology of risk and society - water relations in the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam, and also holds a B.A. (Hons) in geography and government.